Friday, 28 September 2012

A big girl for Mark.....

Mark just texted - a nice fish of 75cm...........looks a stonker!

Well done Mark!

Now why don't I catch fish like that? lol.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Rob did the job!

Just back in from a Dorset trip with Rob Staigis which turned out to be a blast despite the usual weather issues (this time we were blessed with the tail end of a hurricane & a months worth of rain in a day!).
On arrival conditions were actually pretty good & we sat off to Chesil where Rob managed to bag a schoolie on his second cast in England. Despite the other boys all catching a fist full of fish, I managed a spectacular blank.


Next day we headed off to some rock marks early where we had a few fish and a lot of fun (Rob was straight into the fish again - a very happy chappy), followed by an evening session which produced another second cast fish for Rob & Joe.

As we had caught there the previous day we headed to some rocks again & Joe managed 6 fish in a row on arrival but the fishing seemed to die off as the wind swung East.
Last day found us on Chesil with pure East wind (gusts to a savage 50+ mph with enough rain to drown a town). We did manage a couple of fish but the going was extremely tough!


All in all it was a big fun trip, although the average size could have been better (we caught probably around 60 fish between us despite the conditions) and it was fantastic to swap tips & tactics with Rob who introduced us to a couple of lures which worked very well in Dorset (perhaps not the patterns we would usually use but proved to be fish catchers for Rob).

Rob will I'm sure do a report on his blog & I will post a link when its done (Robs website can be found at

Tight lines you bassers…………..

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Stellas bits....

Well my Stellas are back home after their service & one has received new internals to the sum of 150€. Below you can see the bits & pieces that were changed due to oxidisation.

In defence of Shimano I must admit this reel was well under water a couple of times & not cleaned afterwards (note to myself to be a bit more careful in future).

Let this be a lesson to me :)

Tight Lines...............