Saturday, 28 May 2011

Stella 4000 SFE.

Just picked up a new Stella 4000 SFE (S being the shallow spool version).

Here are a few pictures of it with the original shallow spool (FD spools also fit this reel for those who own a Stella FD). FE spools (the deeper ones) are available from America or Japan.

As this reel has a shallow spool, I will be trying some Yamatoyo Famell SW Super PE braid (1.2 PE @ 16lb and 1.5 PE @ 20lb) - it will be interesting to see how it compares with my beloved usual PowerPro .19.

Loaded and ready to go.

I will also be trying a different fluorocarbon this season (I usually use Sufix Invisiline which can be a bit expensive and hard to get hold of).

TripleFish Fluorocarbon in 15 & 20lb.

Anyways - not long to go now & I will hopefully be able to post a catch report (Dorset at the start of June).

Tight Lines.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Holland in August.

August is one of the best months in Holland, so Ive decided on a weekend break there which I am especially looking forward to.

Hopefully we will be meeting up with Harold (take a look at his blog here), I met Harold last year - top bloke & great fun to fish with!

No cliff clambering involved here.

By chance, Rob Staigis will also be in the area (hes running one of his poular bass tours while we are there).
Take a look at Robs page: - plenty of useful information can be found on Dutch bassing on the various sections.

Im trying to talk a couple of the usual suspects into coming over from the UK so hopefully we should have a good crew together.

Enough for now (all the interesting bits on Dutch bassing will hopefully be in our catch reports - dont want to reveal too much for now as I hope to be trying a couple of methods that are new for me)

Thanks for reading...........

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A few recent buys.

Being frustrated at my lack of fishing Ive decided to take it out on my credit card & here are some new additions I will be trying this season.

First off a new metal, I have personally not done well so far on this type of lure but the one below may just change all that (well one has to think positive!).

An Illex Kenubu - 20g & 5cm (a killer when small bait fish are about?)

Next up is a deep diving floater in Lazer Ayu (this little fella should run at 2 - 3m).

Daiwa Current Master DR - 93mm & 12g.

For a spot of dawn or dusk fishing I quite like an orange lure (hope this one will work for me).

A Daiwa Shore Line Shiner SL14-SG - 145mm & 19.5g.

I'm not too sure on this next one but theres no reason why it shouldn't work (especially on those gin clear days). Hopefully this needle fish pattern will be mistaken for a gar.

The Daiwa shore Line Shiner 17 FG - 170mm & 28g (needlefish pattern).

This should be a useful addition - the 120 is great, lets see how the 140 performs.

The Ima Sasuke 140mm & 20g in one of the candy patterns.

These should be useful too (the smaller Z Claw is a real killer) - I bought these to help keep visual contact with the lure (I find it easier to fish a topwater if I can see it - and who wants to miss seeing that take?).

The Zenith (Rosso Corsa) Z-Claw Medium 120mm & 28g.

I still have a couple of bits still on watch this space!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

One Month In.

Well I'm one month into the blog now, & being as none of the usual suspects have found my little sanctuary yet its been pretty quiet apart from a few random hits.

Looking back its not too bad a start but I really need to get out there & get some fishing reports up (as well as some new pictures to use).

A couple of new lures are in their way so hopefully I will put a picture or two up soon.

Other than than not alot new to report - until next time..........

Tight Lines!