Thursday, 29 December 2011

Winner of the Daiwa lure.

I will be giving the lure to Hugo Morais from Portugal (there was a double post but he was 11th so there!)

Hugo please post a comment here with your address & I will post in the new year (well done)

Lee Samson - if you are out there I still need your address to send you your XRAP.

Thanks for playing guys!!

Friday, 23 December 2011

The braid winner is.............

For a second time the winner is Daniel Pereira from Portugal ! - well done Daniel !

The Daiwa lure is still open to win (come on guys - its free & easy)

@ Daniel - I will send the braid in the new year (your plug is in the post - please let me know when you get it)

@ Lee Samson - I still need you address to send you the XRAP

Happy Christmas all..........

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Win some braid!

The Daiwa lure still hasn't been won so have a go guys - you've got a good chance if you're quick !
Next up is a spool of Avani Sea Bass braid (23lb) usual please use real names & just one post per person - this time the 2nd comment wins.

Q:  What is the Latin name for the European Sea Bass?

Oh and no silly comments about the phrase "European Sea Bass" - its just to clarify what answer we are looking for ;o)

Friday, 16 December 2011

Win a lure! (3)

And again - the third prize....this time a Daiwa Current Master in Ayu.

All you have to do to win it, is to post a comment (below) with the answer to the following question:

Q: What do the letters B.A.S.S stand for?


The prize will go to the 11th person to post (comment) the correct answer (all comments will be published once the 11th person to give the correct answer has commented). Please make sure to post your name too.

Just one go per person - good luck all! (P&P will be paid by myself)

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Mo Jack.......

Just a quick pic of another fine Jack that Omar recently caught in Australia (these fish go like stink!)

Wish I could be there and all that!!

Well done Omar!

Monday, 12 December 2011

And a second winner..........(IMA Popkey)

Our second winner is Daniel Pereira from Portugal (please post your address in the comments box Daniel & I will ship your lure asap by registered post).Keep an eye on the blog guys (there are a couple of more prizes coming up soon).

I will free up the comments in a few minutes.

Thanks to all who are taking part (& well done Daniel).

PS for those who are counting the posts I have taken the second answer by Kes:
Tom, Great competition! I hope that it sparks a decent number of replies. JDM = Japanese Domestic Market C&R = Catch and Release Kes
By Kes on Win a lure! on 11/12/11   (I had to chose which comp to put this in & Kes goes without but its all good fun).

First Winner....(XRAP)

Well we finally have a first winner who gets the Ayu XRAP. The prize goes to Lee Sampson (I will let this one slip through as I didn't state one comment per person on the first comp & Lee did post the 7th comment).

 Lee - please comment your address details below (I will not publish them) and the lure will be on its way per registered post in the next few days.

So in future just one comment per person please & I will have to exclude comments that are anonymous as I have no way of knowing who posted them! (in future please make sure you include your name when entering).

Also guys n gals please post answers in the individual comment boxes (per comp) - it make things tricky if you answer two comps in one box!

I will post the comments in the XRAP thread in a few minutes for everyones entertainment.....oh and the IMA Popkey is still up for grabs so get in there!

Thanks to all for playing!

PS to sum up - one post per person - use real names and one comp per comment .......

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Win a lure ! (2)

Well the first prize is still up for grabs (strange - I would have thought posting a quick comment with the answer would be easy - maybe nobody wants a free lure?)
Anyway here we go with the second prize....................which is an IMA Popkey (pattern as shown in picture).

All you have to do to win it, is to post a comment (below) with the answer to the following question:

Q: What do the letters C&R stand for?

The prize will go to the 9th person to post (comment) the correct answer (all comments will be published once the 9th person to give the correct answer has commented).

Just one go per person - good luck all! (P&P will be paid by myself)

Friday, 9 December 2011

Win a lure!

As Christmas is almost here I thought it would be a good idea to offer a prize (or two) over the next ten days or so.

First up for grabs is a Rapale XRAP in AYU (the much loved SW version).

All you have to do to win it, is to post a comment (below) with the answer to the following question:

Q: What do the letters JDM stand for?

The prize will go to the 7th person to post (comment) the correct answer (all comments will be published once the 7th person to give the correct answer has commented).

Good luck to all who enter ....oh and I will also cover packing & postage!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Mo-Man & Jack

Good Buddy Omar pictured below has been cultivating his Movember Mo for a while now, and being its for a good cause you can sponser him here...

The fine Jack Omars got here went about 25lb, and gave its very best not to be landed by Mo-Man.

Go on - its for a good cause!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

A spot of fun.

After a failed mission (35mph winds) in Pembrokeshire I decided a quick trip to Dorset was the way to go, so at short notice I chucked my gear in the rental car & headed down from Cardiff. On arrival a bitter cold NW wind was a blowing but we were in with the chance of a fish or two.
I arrived at lunch time and met up with Mark (any excuse to avoid work lol). After a few hours of thrashing the water for a schoolie each we decided it was time for a change of venue.

True to form, Mark clipped on a weighted sluggo (jig head) and on his first cast shouted over he was into a fish. "What sort?" I shouted over "weed fish or rock fish?" thinking he had just tripped a snag, and suddenly Marks rod arched over & the fish screamed off up current much to my suprise taking line as it did so. Being a true fishing buddy I declined Marks request of help grabbing it (well what are friends for), and after a fiesty scrap he landed the below at 63cms.

By now it was getting dark & we fished on with Mark taking another schoolie around the 3lb mark. A bit dissapointed at being beaten 3 to 1, I headed back to my hotel with the hope the morning session would be better.

The next morning I woke to find the wind had dropped with weed making the fishing very difficult (about 1 in 10 casts was coming back clean). Just as the sun broke the horizon my lure got smashed at distance and a fair bit of line was stripped from the reel on the inital run. Fish landed it measured 58cms and was a very solid fish as Marks had been the previous evening.

Somewhat happier I cast out again and was hit straight away by another which also gave a good scrap, this one went 54cms. I fished on for an hour or so, but the tide was slack & I had to leave to get back, so I missed the push of the flood which I suspect would have fished well.

We didnt catch any great numbers, but the fish we did catch were decent fighters so we were both happy & had some fun as we always do.

Hopefully I will get another trip in the the next few weeks (Dorset or Ireland both tickle my fancy), so with any luck I might catch a few more before silly season (winter) starts.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The going got tough.

Just a quick interim report from a few days in wild & windy Dorset. As expected I arrived to raging winds (W& SW @ 25+ mph with gusts to 40mph!), almost unfishable but we managed to find a couple of sheltered spots but fish were few and far between.

Mark with a rock caught 3lber
To cut a long story (well walk) short, we really covered a lot of ground and climbed alot of cliffs to find clean water away from the winds on the tides we needed. I ended up catching 10 fish (excluding the usual bycatch), all of which were taken on surface lures, with the biggest at about 53cm (a suprisingly fat little chap).

The schoolies wanted it off the top.
Always a pleasure to catch these pretty fish.

A very fat fish at about 53cm.

I hope to be out in the next couple of days again - probably West Wales (or maybe even Ireland if air traffic control go ahead and strike in Germany, but thats another story).

Good luck to Gee, Joe & Mark who are off to Ireland tonight (they have a few days over there with tides and conditions looking good - no excuses lads lol).

Tight lines & thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

More fun & games from down-under.

Good buddy Omar just sent me the below. There are a couple of previous posts on the blog from down that way so here you go.................

Booked a houseboat for 5 days up at Weipa, Cape York. These boats are generally booked out for months in advance. Luckily Steve had a cancellation so I snapped it up. Going through the usual questions when booking; where you coming from, do you have a license, how many in your crew??
He wasn’t prepared for my answer to the last question. “Just 2, me n the missus; thought we would come up n have a bit of a fish.” Turns out he had never let his boats out to a crew of 2 before. Lots involved in anchoring, mooring, keeping out of shallows and trying to avoid getting eaten by the crocs & sharks. These boats are built to sleep 10.
I think Steve was a bit nervous when we rocked up; a couple of landlubbers getting ready to embark on a self guided fishing tour of one of the most remote river systems in Australia, if not the world.
Got all of our provisions / tackle etc on board. Again, Steve looked rather nervous at the amount of booze getting loaded on board. “I thought you said there were only the 2 of you…….” “That’s right Steve, gotta keep the fluids up.”

My missus Sue; her face was a picture when she stepped onto the Tillymay. This is a boat built specifically for fishing in the remote waters around Weipa. It is not a ‘honeymoon cruiser’.

Anyway, Steve gave us the induction, bid us good luck n set us on our way. 1st night we thought we would stay in the Hey River system whilst we got used to the boat. Anchored up that night in 6m water just at the mouth of a fishy looking creek.  After chucking a few lures around for a bit, I got impatient & chucked in a big slab of squid. Seconds later, a bite, then nothing. Bitten off (100lb leader) before it even hit the bottom. Rerigged with 1m long wire trace. Chucked in another slab of squid. Again, seconds later, a bite then nothing. Unreal. This fish had snaffled my hook, line, sinker, wire trace and bitten clean through 50lb braid! Question was then, how do we catch a fish when we are being smashed by sharks before bait hits the bottom??? Tried metal slices; jigging them straight up n down. Same result; 3 lost lures in 5 mins……. No problem of me running out of tackle thought.  Had a whole suitcase full of lures, line, hooks, reels etc. It got dark then we started getting nervous. Lots of crocs up this way. Lots of noises around the boat. Very intimidating place. If you get into trouble, helps not going to arrive quickly. Once it got dark, the biiiig sharks seemed to disappear, & we started getting into some little schoolies & soapies (small mulloway).

Woke up in the morn to a decent sized croc sunning itself on the bank 100m from the boat.   

Time to weigh anchor and get on the move. ‘Navigated’ around for a few hours before settling on a bit of a lump on the sounder. Anchored up & set to work catching lunch. Dropped a lure over and straightaway got smashed by spotted mackerel. These weren’t massive fish but gave the light spin gear a good work out.

Lunch sorted, time to give the tinnie a bash & head up some creeks for some barra. Sue wasn’t game for getting into the tinnie. Convinced she would end up eaten by something. Off I went; saw a croc sitting on a sandbar.

I’m in a boat, she’ll be right mate…… Chucked out the sand anchor in 1.5m of water, intent on bashing the snags with some lures. Looked back at the croc. GONE……. Could I relax?? No. After 2 casts, scuttled back to Tillymay.

Fished from the houseboat for the next 3 days. That night, catfish….. Pull like a train.

50lb braid on a 15kg spin stick. Excellent fun. More macks for tea. That night, Sue was intent on catching some of the squid that were hanging around the back of the boat. Pesky squid were smarter than us. Sea snakes everywhere under the light at back of boat. Every so often, biiiig splashes nearby reminded us to go easy on the grog….
Day 3; still in the Hey River. Headed upstream as far as we dared. Don’t want to run a ground where no one could hear us scream….. More of the same, catfish, macks, sharks, soapies, grunter.

Great fun. That night, sick of catching small sharks and thinking about an early night, something took a like to my pilchard bait. 40 mins later, we saw colour in the water. Had no idea what it could be, only that it was substantial. Up it came; 3m long shovelnose shark. I have caught many of these fish around Bowen, but never
even heard of a 3m shovelnose. Awesome.

Guts n all hanging out. Screaming for Sue to pass me the gimble belt….

Well over 100lb. Couldn’t get it onto the boat & couldn’t get a good photo as it was too dark. Call for the knife & cut her off. Swam away strongly.
Day 4; still in the Hey River. Was really too windy to head elsewhere. Tucked ourselves into the mangroves to get out of the prevailing easterlies.

  Sue even had a drive of the boat.

Getting braver…. She caught lunch n dinner of some more fresh macks.

Whilst chilling a bit, I hooked onto something I couldn’t pick. By this point, we were getting pretty good at picking the fish. This one was a little more violent than the macks; just felt different. Took nearly 10 mins to get it aboard. Biggest queenfish I have ever caught.

Talk about chuffed. If we didn’t catch another fish all trip I would have been happy. 90cm long & too
big for me n Sue to eat; back she went.

That’s about it. Did our best to finish off the booze & crashed out for the night. Up early for the trip back to Evans Landing & dry land….. Steve, who owns the boat; happy to see us back safe n sound (and a bit sore in the head).

We will certainly be headed back up that way next year; with a slightly bigger crew…… What a trip…..

Sounds like Sue & Omar had a great time (well done guys) - love the houseboat!! (the boat people can be found here: )

Tight lines mateys!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Off again in a week.......but where to go?

I will be off to the UK again in a week or so, but with it looking like the wind & swell will be up I still need to decide where to head for a couple of days fishing,
The Monday & Tuesday I was thinking of fishing show swells of 10+ feet over in Pembrokeshire (far from ideal with the wind shifting to possibly colour up the sheltered marks.........grumble)
It doesn't look much better in Dorset (again the in your face west winds) but with less swell predicted (6 foot swell is as bad as it should hopefully get),but conditions like this can be dangerous & very hard to fish.

Anyway I will be keeping an eye on the forecast & hopefully things will change for the better (the following week I should get a session or two in as well so all is not lost).

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Hard Work...........

Anticipation was high for this trip, as the fishing had been excellent before I arrived (Mark had taken almost 100 fish in 3 days to over 7lb!) - what could go wrong?

Schoolies love a Zonk.
Well the weather calmed down the day I arrived, and the sprat schools seemed to dissapear overnight so the fishing was far tougher than expected.
We found ourselves having to cover alot of ground to find a few fish - hard work indeed.

One off the top.

To cut a long story short we managed to catch fish on each session (mainly schoolies), but had to work hard for them (low light early  did produce a couple of better fish for Joe & Richard).

Joe took this beaut in the dark.

6+lb of Dorset Silver!

All in all we had alot of fun (as usual).....................................

Richrad with a 6.5lb-er

Mark says love your fish!
He loves his favorite lures too!

One rucksack per car! We had an interesting choice of transport.
Great for drying out the gear though!

A big thanks to Mark, Joe, Steve, Richard, Elliot & Carl for the fun!

See you guys soon!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Next Trips............

Ive just booked a couple of trips in the hope of a fat autumn fish (way things have gone for me this year it’s a long shot, but you’ve got to be in it to win it & all that).
Last weekend of September I will be heading to Dorset, followed by a few days (possibly in Wales or Dorset) in early October. There's been talk about a late November trip to Ireland (planning would be at short notice on that one as the weather and fishing could go either way at that time of year).

I seriously cant wait to get out fishing again (its such a drag living so far from the sea sometimes but hey - that’s life!).

Hope you are all catching (but leave one for me!)

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Some nice bass fluff.

I have just received these beautiful bass flies from good mate & fishing buddy Alex  Jordan, they really are pretty things (almost a crime to fish these behind a Sbirolino!).

Alex & schoolie.

Who knows - might take these along on ,my next trip & actually catch something for a change! (just thought I would share as they really are nice on the eyes).

Thanks Alex!

Happy Fishing!