Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Hard Work...........

Anticipation was high for this trip, as the fishing had been excellent before I arrived (Mark had taken almost 100 fish in 3 days to over 7lb!) - what could go wrong?

Schoolies love a Zonk.
Well the weather calmed down the day I arrived, and the sprat schools seemed to dissapear overnight so the fishing was far tougher than expected.
We found ourselves having to cover alot of ground to find a few fish - hard work indeed.

One off the top.

To cut a long story short we managed to catch fish on each session (mainly schoolies), but had to work hard for them (low light early  did produce a couple of better fish for Joe & Richard).

Joe took this beaut in the dark.

6+lb of Dorset Silver!

All in all we had alot of fun (as usual).....................................

Richrad with a 6.5lb-er

Mark says love your fish!
He loves his favorite lures too!

One rucksack per car! We had an interesting choice of transport.
Great for drying out the gear though!

A big thanks to Mark, Joe, Steve, Richard, Elliot & Carl for the fun!

See you guys soon!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Gone Fishing!

Gone Fishing.

Back soon.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Next Trips............

Ive just booked a couple of trips in the hope of a fat autumn fish (way things have gone for me this year it’s a long shot, but you’ve got to be in it to win it & all that).
Last weekend of September I will be heading to Dorset, followed by a few days (possibly in Wales or Dorset) in early October. There's been talk about a late November trip to Ireland (planning would be at short notice on that one as the weather and fishing could go either way at that time of year).

I seriously cant wait to get out fishing again (its such a drag living so far from the sea sometimes but hey - that’s life!).

Hope you are all catching (but leave one for me!)