Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Spanish Silver

Just a quick pic of a nice fish that Dario sent me from Asturias (well done Dario!)- it went over 8lbs & over on Manels blog you can find plenty more of the same http://pescamanel.blogspot.com/ .

Great to see the bass are about for the Spanish boys - they do have some cracking coast down that way too:

Over and out!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Robs new book......

For the German speakers amongst you, good fishing buddy Rob Staigis has just released his first book (I don't have a copy yet but will be getting one asap).

Well done Rob! (I'm sure its not easy to write something like this). The book isn't dedicated to lure fishing & covers most aspects of hunting the elusive Labrax and as mentioned is in German.

I hope to be fishing in the UK with Rob later this year (Robs web page can be found here http://www.wolfsbarsch.com/ ). Rob also runs very popular bass fishing tours in Holland a few times each year - demand is high so book early!

Happy fishing to you all!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Planning for 2012.

It looks like 2012 might be a good year for the bass with the unusually warm weather (and water) being a real bonus.

Ive read several reports of fish being taken (even off the top) which is great as far as I'm concerned. The mild weather could also affect the fishing for years to come (fewer year 0 fish will have died from cold conditions this year & hopefully the pair trawlers wont get to decimate the schools of breeding bass as they usually do).

I hope to fish the usual locations this year (I do intend to avoid Dorset during the Olympics though) and will be down in Pembrokeshire early July (neap tides this year instead of the springer's I am used to).

As the UK fishing is looking promising I'm not sure if we will be heading to Northern Spain as we did last year (saying that - anythings possible and we might go ahead at short notice).

I have a few new toys on order, including a new custom build rod - more on that later when I receive it, I will of course post a few pictures of my new buys as they arrive.

Anyway - roll on 2012 & I wish everyone a great years plugging!!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Cracking start to 2012 for Joe.......!

Good Buddy Joe (Adrian) has had  a cracking start to 2012 and landed this beauty in Dorset!

Now that's a top fish in anybody's books!!

Joe really deserved a double with all the time he has put in over the last couple of years - mission completed! - well done mate!

Below is another he caught (I think he had 4 fish for about 20lb in a few casts!

I know Joe is still buzzing (who wouldn't be?) - Joe's blog can be found here:

Thanks to Joe for the pics (and the great story behind them) - you are the man!