Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Monster Queenie for Omar!

Just had this mail from Omar down under (top fishing fella!)

"Oi old man, here’s a tale for the blog.

Check out this queenfish I caught yesterday late afternoon!!!! She smashed a live mullet that I had merrily working for me on the edge of a deep hole on the Don River. It was only in about 60cm of water. The tide comes sweeping up through the hole & up through a gap 50m wide out onto the sand flats. Purely tidal; at this time of the year there is no flow & the river drains fully on low tide.
When she took off, she headed back into the hole and ripped off 80m or so of 20lb braid. The Stella did as always, rock solid. Full on acrobatics, jumping many times clear of the water during the 15 mins it took to land.
Unfortunately, all the exertion had taken it out of her, there was no chance of a release here. Quickly dispatched with a strong jab behind the eye, bled & cleaned immediately so as to make sure the fish was best on the chew. Shared around the street. The walk from the point (Yasso Point, mouth of the Don) back to the car is only 600m or so, but with this beast, 2 rods, cast-net & bucket, I struggled indeed. Plenty of folk fishing for whiting & flathead along the way back.
Plenty of the same old question....... “F**K mate, did you’se get that here???” Awesome, buzzing as you can tell. The all-tackle record for queenfish is just over 17kg & 130cm. This measured 115cm & I would say around 14kg. They don’t get much bigger. I generally put big fish back, but like I said, this big girl was unlucky & wouldn’t have survived long even if I swam her for 15 mins in the croc infested waters......"



G-Loomis GL2 LR905S (an awesome livebait rod, heavier than I usually use, but I had seen these big queenfish over the past few days feeding.)

Shimano Stella 4000SW loaded with 20lb Fireline

Fixed ledger rig with 80lb flurocarbon trace.
Cracking fish - respect!
Tight Lines...................

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Gone Fishing.

Gone Fishing!
Back soon.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

New Shad to try.........

I just picked these up & they look pretty nice so I thought I would share. They are EFFZETT Rolling shads from DAM, 75mm & 11g.

Although I'm not a great fan of fishing shads, these may well work on a couple of spots I know and are well worth a try at least.

I hope to be back out fishing in a couple of weeks so I hope to give these softs a blast then.

Tight Lines & Fat Fish !

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A new topper for my box..........

I picked up a new topper for my box last week, which I hope will prove to be a catcher:

86mm & 13g in a pretty mullet pattern (the new smaller size Z-Claw "Phelps"). I think this little fella may fill the gap between a standard Z-Claw and some of my smaller toppers when the conditions are as calm as they have been recently (well that's the theory anyway).

I picked mine up at Chesil Bait n Tackle ( ) - seriously nice people & a shop very well worth a visit if you are in the area.
I'm hoping to get another sneaky trip in this week to test out the "Phelps".
That's all folks......tightest lines.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A Dorset Quickie.

Just back in from a night down in Dorset where the conditions have been difficult of late (although there seems to be a good stamp of fish down that way with several biggies being caught.

The fishing was tough (no wind, weed etc.) but we managed 11 fish. I suspect if the conditions had been slightly different (note different & not necessarily better) we would have bagged up.

Nice haircut lad!
Late night schoolie.
Not much else to report (but I hope to get out & land another fish or two later this week).

Be good & tight lines!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Fishing in Pembrokeshire gin............

Just back from a week in Pembrokeshire, where the weather was great for a family holiday (not fantastic for bassing but you cant have it all...). The tides were small and as you can see in the pictures below, the water was very very clear, coupled with a lack of wind & water movement I knew I was up to a challenge.

Could almost be the Caribbean.

There`s water if you look closely - honest!

I have to admit that I struggled the first couple of days, but when I did manage to locate them I did reasonably well with up to 13 fish in a session (up to 55cm so no real monsters). The fish I was catching seemed to be good little fighters & I even had some trebles and split rings trashed by the fish.

The fish were a fighting this year.

Bright shiny lures did the trick.

One of 10 fish landed for 12 casts.

I managed to catch up with Ricky & Rhod while I was there (always fun), but to the end of the week the wind turned East & the fishing seemed to drop off.

Ricky on a rock.

Despite only having fished a few short sessions (trying to avoid that pesky sun) we had a fantastic family holiday to boot & fun was had by all.

Fantastic scenery.

Beautiful sunsets (thanks to Mitch for the pic).

Another Pembs bass.

I ended up just short of 30 fish (& took a Swiss bloke called Rico out, who managed to land 5 bass off the top on his first bass lure session ever - his face was priceless).

Anyway its good to be back catching bass (thanks for your patience to those who actually follow this blog).

Next weeks dilemma is going to be the choice of fishing Dorset or perhaps Pembrokeshire again - time for me to take a quick look at the weather & surf sites to try and make some sensible decision (which of course would be a first for me lol)......

Catch you all soon - tight lines.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The Winners & A Happy New Year....

A Happy New Year to All (hope the hangovers are mild & the fishing is good wherever you are).

As Xmas is over & done with I thought its time to post the winners on the Xmas give-aways. This year there were very few entries & the prizes will go to whoever was closest to the required post number.......

So the winners are:

Give-away 1 - Skagway Fishing Charters Skagway Fishing Charter
Give-away 2 - João Pinto
Give-away 3 - Jim
Give-away 4 - Jaime

If the winners post their addresses (I wont publish) the lures will be in the post very soon.

Apart from that here's a nice 90cm Barramundi that Omar caught a few days ago (well done fella!).

Best of luck with everyones 2013 season & especially good weather to fish in!

Tight Lines.