Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The Winners & A Happy New Year....

A Happy New Year to All (hope the hangovers are mild & the fishing is good wherever you are).

As Xmas is over & done with I thought its time to post the winners on the Xmas give-aways. This year there were very few entries & the prizes will go to whoever was closest to the required post number.......

So the winners are:

Give-away 1 - Skagway Fishing Charters Skagway Fishing Charter
Give-away 2 - João Pinto  http://sheospinning.blogspot.com
Give-away 3 - Jim
Give-away 4 - Jaime

If the winners post their addresses (I wont publish) the lures will be in the post very soon.

Apart from that here's a nice 90cm Barramundi that Omar caught a few days ago (well done fella!).

Best of luck with everyones 2013 season & especially good weather to fish in!

Tight Lines.


  1. Nice fish! Have to add Barramundi to the list of fish I need to catch!

  2. When I was a school student I uesd to go fishing daily. During the then I became addicted in fishing but I'm now a young man and due to workload I can not go for fishing. I could remember my past in this blog.

  3. Simon Toussifar10 April 2013 at 23:08

    Nice Fish well done!