Sunday, 21 July 2013

Fishing in Pembrokeshire gin............

Just back from a week in Pembrokeshire, where the weather was great for a family holiday (not fantastic for bassing but you cant have it all...). The tides were small and as you can see in the pictures below, the water was very very clear, coupled with a lack of wind & water movement I knew I was up to a challenge.

Could almost be the Caribbean.

There`s water if you look closely - honest!

I have to admit that I struggled the first couple of days, but when I did manage to locate them I did reasonably well with up to 13 fish in a session (up to 55cm so no real monsters). The fish I was catching seemed to be good little fighters & I even had some trebles and split rings trashed by the fish.

The fish were a fighting this year.

Bright shiny lures did the trick.

One of 10 fish landed for 12 casts.

I managed to catch up with Ricky & Rhod while I was there (always fun), but to the end of the week the wind turned East & the fishing seemed to drop off.

Ricky on a rock.

Despite only having fished a few short sessions (trying to avoid that pesky sun) we had a fantastic family holiday to boot & fun was had by all.

Fantastic scenery.

Beautiful sunsets (thanks to Mitch for the pic).

Another Pembs bass.

I ended up just short of 30 fish (& took a Swiss bloke called Rico out, who managed to land 5 bass off the top on his first bass lure session ever - his face was priceless).

Anyway its good to be back catching bass (thanks for your patience to those who actually follow this blog).

Next weeks dilemma is going to be the choice of fishing Dorset or perhaps Pembrokeshire again - time for me to take a quick look at the weather & surf sites to try and make some sensible decision (which of course would be a first for me lol)......

Catch you all soon - tight lines.


  1. nice seeing you again Tom. i always enjoy fishing with you and insist that you move back to Pembrokeshire asap. there are loads of fish out there that need catching and we need more dedicated lure anglers in our area.

    on a slightly different tack, have a word with someone and get me back on WSF. i think it's time i came out of exile and contributed to what is unquestionably the best saltwater lure forum i've been on.

  2. Your word is my command - spoke to Nick & your account is back online :)

    Might pop down Thursday (was in Dorset last night with Mark & managed 8 fish of no real size).......