Saturday, 21 July 2012

The DFR Custom Build.

Having wanted a new rod for a while, I decided to take the plunge and get myself a custom built rod made by Richard at Dorset Fishing Rods.
Earlier in the year I spoke to Richard about the type of rod I was looking for to see what he could come up with. Basically I was looking for a rod that would give me extra distance on the cast, as well as being light enough to fish with all day. I was after a rod that would have a quick recovery too for the top water work.
Richard suggested a St Croix blank and my only instructions on cosmetics were "black & gold" so it was pretty much up to Richard to decide on the design.
Something I did want was  a rod with the perfect butt length  & reel seating position, so after measuring our a few of my other rods (under Richards instruction) we found what was hopefully the optimal postitioning for the reel seat - Richard knew I would be using this with a Stella 4k so the weight was a known factor.

When I received the rod I was very very impressed with the build & design, so of course I was keen to put it to the test. First thing I noticed was that I was getting alot of extra distance on the cast (the rod compresses beautifully even with a little flick) and the braid rings / eyes seemed to let the line fly out - wonderful!
After some use I love this rod - it is light and responsive but has enough grunt to tame a decent fish in a current as well as being a pleasure to use all day.

Anyway here are a few pictures - sorry for the quality as the do not do the rod justice & I am not much of a photographer as you can see :)

Should anyone be interested in a new rod from Richard he can be found here:

Thanks for the rod Rich - I promise to use & abuse it to the best of my ability :)

Tight Lines !


  1. Tom, love the rod, it looks just like mine,right down to the wrap. Just 6 inches

  2. I love the black and yellow combination, it looks royal.