Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sausage fingers, half a seal & Joes leg.......

Just back home from the usual poor fishing weather in the UK (what I had hoped would be 10 days of great Autumn bassing turned out to only be two whole days of tough fishing!)

I took a trip to Dorset where an East wind killed any real chance of bagging up big style but there were a few fish to be had but we really really had to work hard to catch. We did have a few as you can see below, (sorry about my poor editing to conceal the spot a bit) but certainly not as many as we would have liked.

Mr Sausage fingers.


This next pictures a testimony to Joe's Simms G4 waders - despite getting this nice graze on his shin the G4 waders were only slightly scuffed on the top layer (Ive ruined cheaper waders in the past with way less barnacle scrape than that)......well done Simms!

Nice pins Joe!

I also had a wander to West Wales, got up at 03:30, did a 2 hour drive ------- and found dirty water where I had been expecting water like gin. After giving it a couple of hours I headed home & found this half a seal on the beach on the way back.

Half a seal....
Anyways a bit disappointing despite having caught a half way decent fish (the boys headed over to Ireland & managed to pretty much blank there too but that's another story).

Tight lines one & all


  1. haha, good to see that the bass are busy ;-).
    Cheers Rob

  2. very slow fishing Rob (the weathers been a killer this year)

    next year has to be better :o)

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